About Steve

For more than 15 years I’ve been branding start-up companies, marketing innovative new products and assisting some of the region’s finest realtors represent their clients.

If you find yourself in need of graphic design services, desire to work with someone who operates with integrity and understands the importance of meeting your deadlines, please give me a call.

I’ll work hard to effectively communicate your business and product to your marketing audience.

What’s My Story?

I was born and raised in North Seattle, when you could still catch frogs in the pond behind Northgate Mall and bring them home in a lunch box to show your mom.  It was great place to grow up, where I learned the value of friendship in a neighborhood with lots of kids.  We spent summers playing ping pong and checkers at the Northgate School summer rec program.   We played softball ’til the sun went down on a cement playground with bases painted on the concrete, where our rubber coated softballs bounced true, until they split open at the seams revealing their stringy innerds.

In 3rd grade I transferred from public school to Christ the King Catholic School.  My third grade class fluctuated between 46 and 50 students during the year.  Besides academics, our teacher, Sister Mary Agnes, taught us respect and self-control.  Compared to today, it’s amazing how much more you can learn when you have discipline in the classroom!  I truly appreciate how the school helped to shape my character.

I learned the value of hard work at the age of 12, having a paper route that earned $35/month working seven days a week for two years.  I started my route January 1st, 1969, a few days after one of the biggest snow storms this region had ever seen, with four foot drifts of snow that hung around for weeks.  I remember putting the paper bags over my shoulders for the first time and they were so heavy, I fell down and couldn’t get up.  I had to crawl out from underneath them.

At the age of 15 1/2, I began selling subscriptions to the Seattle Times door-to-door, until I was old enough to get a job on the night crew and then eventually became a District Manager, supervising 12 – 16 year old newspaper carriers, sometimes over 100 at a time.  I felt like if I could do that job, I could do anything!  I worked there 23 years.

Turning the Page

Near the end of my tenure at the Times, it became obvious that they would be slow to adapt to the internet age.   So, I began to retrain myself  by purchasing the Macromedia / Adobe Suite of programs, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Director, Freehand and others.   Since the technology was new, I figured if I could learn them better than anyone else, I would be employable.

Mindstein Interactive

After graduating from the UW School of Business, I co-founded a company called “Mindstein Interactive Solutions” with a good friend of mine, Mark Waters, whom I’d met at the Times.  Our first client was Dr. Michael Popkin, a parenting expert and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show in the mid-80’s.   In 1995, he hired us to convert his “Active Parenting Today” program from a video tape series to a CD Rom program.  The problem was, we had never done it before!  Well, we figured out how and produced a quality program that they sold online through their website until the technology became outdated.

Graphic Design

By 1999, I was proficient at using electronic graphic design tools and was hired as a full time Graphic Designer by Tony Goedde of Icon Imagery.  Tony is a good friend,  an accomplished designer and business owner, who patiently taught me the graphic design business from the inside out.  I worked there for nine years, designing and managing a wide variety of projects.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 2008,  I started my own business, Steve Pillitu Graphic Design.  The timing wasn’t great, but with God’s provision, it’s been quite successful.   On March 1st, 2015, my business celebrated it’s seven year anniversary!

Free Consultation

I offer a one hour free consultation to understand your business goals, answer questions, offer recommendations and determine the scope of your project.  Based on that conversation, I would put together a written bid for your consideration in advance of the project.  If you’re in need of graphic or web design services, I look forward to hearing from you!  I can be contacted at:  425.922.5515 or spillitu@gmail.com.